July 17, 2024
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7 Things Home Buyers Don’t Want to See

7 Things Home Buyers Don't Want to See

There are so many different things to consider when trying to sell a home. If you want your home to sell fast, there are a couple of easy steps you can take. What many people don’t realize is that simple things like doing a simple deep clean to making repairs can make or break the sale of their home. So, before buyers arrive to see your home, make sure you take care of these things home buyers don’t want to see.

Mess and clutter can ruin the sale of your home

A home can have everything the buyer is looking for,but it will not sell if the buyer sees it in a messy state. You want buyers to get the impression that the home is well-maintained and clean. So, the biggest and easiest change you can make before you start showing your home is making sure that it looks good. This easy change will drastically improve your chances of a successful sale of your home.In order for your home to look its best, you should do a deep clean first. Afterward, make sure the counters and other surfaces are clean and clutter-free.Organize your shelves and, if you can, put some things away into storage in order to minimize the clutter. Before the buyers arrive, do a final walkthrough so you can see if there are any final touch-ups you need to do.

An odor in your home can steer away buyers

Bad odors in your home can also negatively affect the impression the buyers will have when they arrive. To tackle the bad odors, take the trash out frequently and check your kitchen for any spoiled food. Clean your home regularly to avoid this problem. If you have smokers in your home, do your best to remove any sign of smoking inside the house. This includes airing out the rooms, washing the linens, and even repainting the walls if necessary.

Too much personality is a no-go

Everybody has different tastes; therefore, there are certain decor and interior design ideas that buyers will just not like. If your home is designed in an eccentric and unique way, it might hurt the sale of your home. A very bold and bright wallpaint color can steer away potential buyers. One of the most affordable upgrades you can make is painting the walls a lighter, neutral color. Removing bold decor items will help buyers focus on the home itself. Remember to remove any personal items, such as family photos, before you start showing your home as well. Experts from Evolution Moving advise you to relocate some of your personal items before showing your home. It will be easier for the buyers to imagine their own lives in this space when there aren’t signs of someone else living there. It’s best not to be present at the home when the house is being shown by the realtor. The buyers will feel more relaxed when looking at your home and asking questions.

Bad curb appeal won’t impress buyers

One of the things home buyers don’t want to see is the bad curb appeal of your home. Making sure that your front lawn is clean can go a long way when it comes to selling your home. Clear the walkway and entrance to your home so buyers can get in easily. Mow the lawn and remove clutter if there is any. Check your roof and gutters to see whether they need to be cleaned and fixed. You can even add some simple decor items and upgrades, such as buying a new welcome mat or repainting the mailbox. All of these changes will matter when it comes to impressing the buyers when they first arrive.

Most buyers don’t want to see any signs of pets

Unfortunately, the truth is that not everyone loves pets. And when choosing a home, a buyerwho doesn’t own pets will always prefer a home where no pets lived before them. Hide all pet-related items,or at least take your pet out while the home is being shown. Not only will the buyers have a better impression of your home, but your pet will be thankful, too. They won’t have to go through the stress of having a bunch of strangers in their homes.

A dark home can hurt the sale of your home

You should do your best to make the home look bright and spacious. Buyers won’t be impressed if they are greeted by a home without good lighting. So, how can you improve this? The easiest way to add some light to your home is to replace your light bulbswith higher-quality ones. You can even add some affordable, decorative lighting, such as floor and table lamps, to your home. On the day buyers will arrive, open up the curtains and pull up the blinds. This will make your home look fresh and bright and improve its overall look.

7.      One of the things home buyers don’t want to see is an unmaintained home

One of the most important things when it comes to selling your home is taking care of any major repairs that need to be done. The buyers will most likely inspect your home before buying it. Therefore, these repairs won’t go unnoticed. Another pro to doing the necessary maintenance and even some upgrades is that they can boost the price of your home, making your investment worth it. If you weren’t able to take care of something, be honest about it with your realtor and buyers. It’s always better to be upfront with the buyers than to have to explain the situation later on.


To conclude

It’s easy to find the perfect buyers for your home when you put a lot of care into getting it ready for sale. Without taking the steps necessary to make your home appealing, it can be difficult to find the right buyers. Another risk is having to sell your home for a lower price than it could’ve been sold for. All things considered, it is a good idea to check whether your home has these seven things home buyers don’t want to see in their home. Taking care of problems like these will have your home sold in no time for the right price.