July 17, 2024
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What are the Salary and Scope of Aeronautical Engineer’s Job?

Aeronautical Engineer

Aeronautical Engineer is a person, who is able to serve as manpower in the profiles related to the designing, manufacturing, production, and overhaul of aircraft. Aeronautical engineers have made significant contributions to aviation by flying vehicles within the Earth’s atmosphere. It is one of the well-known and challenging professions in the aviation sector. An aeronautical engineer, on the other hand, must have a degree and additional skills in order to earn a high salary and have a broad scope of work.

The student who is considering being an Aeronautical Engineer in aviation must either appear for or pass the 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) from a recognized board. They should apply for the AME CEE 2023 registration form from the official website, https://www.amecee.in/, to gain admission with up to 100% scholarship. It is basically a four-year degree course after 12th grade. The student, after achieving a degree, will be called an Aeronautical Engineer.

Is Aeronautical Engineer a Good Career Choice?

Aeronautical engineering are a good career choice for students who want to do something different from traditional engineering. As the aviation industry is expanding in aircraft and space, which creates enormous job opportunities for Aeronautical Engineer. Apart from career options, these engineers are offered great salary packages worldwide. A student must be comfortable working in a challenging environment and be able to think critically in order to have a successful career in aeronautical engineering.

There are areas where Aeronautical engineers can show their skills and earn excellent salary packages worldwide:

  • Airlines
  • MRO Organizations
  • Aircraft manufacturing Organizations
  • Aircraft Part Manufacturing Organizations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Research Organizations
  • Civil Defence Forces
  • Aircraft Operational Organizations


What are the Highest Paid Organizations for Aeronautical Engineer?

Aviation is one of the fields that are popular for its salary and scope these days. Earning a great salary with a respected job is the dream of every person. In the aviation industry, an aeronautical engineer’s salary and scope are diverse. There are a few reputed organizations listed below that offer prominent opportunities worldwide:

  • Indigo
  • Spicejet
  • Airindia
  • HAL
  • NAL
  • ISRO
  • NASA
  • DRDO
  • Boeing
  • SpaceX
  • Airbus
  • Lockheed Martin
  • ST Engineering Aerospace
  • Delta TechOps
  • Lufthansa Technik
  • SIA Engineering Company
  • Air Work Pvt. Ltd.
  • Indamer Pvt. Ltd.
  • GMR Aero Technic Ltd.
  • HAECO Group