July 17, 2024
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How To Clear A Cloudy Pool With Baking Soda

A swimming pool with clear water is always appealing to the swimmers.  But sometimes, the water in the swimming pool looks milky; this is called a cloudy pool.  Clearwater is safe, but a cloudy pool is a very common problem.  This is a very frustrating situation. It can be due to some common reasons such as chemical imbalance or poor filtration, or many other environmental reasons.  Here, we will discuss the reasons that may lead to the problem of the cloudy pool and how we can clear our cloudy pool will a simple method.

Reasons For Cloudy Pool

  • The filter helps to clear the water in our pool. Our filter’s faulty, clogged, or dying pump can be the main reason for cloudy water in your pool.  If the filter is not working properly, your pool water will be cloudy and stagnant.
  • Improper level of chlorine, alkaline, and pH level of your pool water also makes it cloudy. Proper chlorine level and pH level of pool water make it clear.  So you should get it checked regularly.
  • Too many swimmers in the pool make the pool water cloudy. Sunscreens, oils, body fluids from the swimmers get mixed in the pool water and reflect in the light, and pool water looks cloudy.
  • Heavy storms and rainfall dilute chlorine levels in pool water. Dust particles dissolved in rainwater get mixed into our pool water. It affects the chlorine level of pool water.   Imbalance[i] In chlorine in the pool will reflect in sunlight as cloudy water.

How To Clear Cloudy Pool

Cloudy pool water dampens the mood of swimmers and quite uninviting. Therefore, it is advisable to clear the cloudy pool water.

  • The first step we should take to clear pool water is to remove foreign dust particles and natural debris from our pool.
  • We should get our filter system checked, repaired, and maintained at regular intervals. A proper filter system helps to maintain clear pool water for the long run.
  • We should get our pool water checked for pH level and alkaline level regularly. We should maintain both pH level as well as the alkaline level of our pool to clear cloudy water and save swimmers from various skin and eyes issues faced due to swimming in imbalanced water.
  • We can vacuum up our pool at a regular balance.

Here, I am going to share an amazing thing with you. As we discussed earlier that Alkaline and pH level could be the main factor for cloudy pool water. If you get your pool water checked, which is the only reason, you don’t have to worry; it can be treated with a very simple and effective method. Baking Soda is the answer to your problem. Yes, you will be thrilled to know that just by adding baking soda, you can clear cloudy pool water. Just add baking soda to a bucket of water and add it to your cloudy pool.