July 17, 2024
Chicago Melborne City, USA

How to Cancel Order Dhgate

You can place an order for merchandise on DHgate.com’s website. In the meanwhile, DHgate is no stranger to customers returning products because they made a mistaken or inadvertent purchase. You can typically get your money back if you’ve made an order on DHgate that you’ve come to regret. Orders can be canceled and money refunded under certain conditions.

Orders placed on DHgate that you later decide you don’t want are also covered in this article, along with your legal right to cancel the order if the item has already been sent or received.

Customers can cancel orders placed with DHgate as long as they haven’t started the shipment process. If you successfully cancel your order, DHgate will offer a refund in the range of 3-30 days, depending on the mode of payment you used. Your orders can be canceled without incurring any further fees.

DHgate’s cancellation policy and the fact that your DHgate account is active are both necessary before you can cancel a purchase. You can also only cancel your order for a limited period of time. For example, once an order has been designated “Ready to ship,” it cannot be canceled. You will receive a refund of your order total once the cancellation request is completed and the money is transferred to your bank account.


The process of canceling an order on DHgate before it ships

 You are now on the homepage of DHgate, the site where you placed your order.

  • Login to your DHgate account.
  • Select My Orders from the drop-down menu in My Account.
  • The specifics of the order can be viewed by clicking the View Order button.
  • Enter the Cancel Order option.
  • DHgate will receive your request to cancel your order, and a confirmation message will be sent to your email address.

Return DHgate.com order after it has shipped

 We’re sorry, but once an order has been shipped from DHgate, it cannot be canceled. DHgate, on the other hand, does allow customers to return or exchange items. You have the option of refusing or returning the product’s packaging if it has already been shipped.

DHgate’s decision to approve or reject a refund request hinges primarily on how near an item is to be dispatched.

Consequently, cancel your purchase as soon as feasible. It’s best to catch it before it ships if you want to get a complete refund.

How to verify the progress of an order placed with DHgate

 On the app and website, go to the Your Orders area of the menu to see your order details.

  • To see the details of your order, click here. In the app’s menu, select Your Orders.
  • Select the order for which you’d like more information, whether it’s active or closed.
  • Order details can be found by swiping down on the Order Details button.

The DHgate order refund cancellation request

 In the event that you cancel an order on DHgate, you’ll receive a refund of the amount you paid. However, before you ask for a refund, be sure the product is still in its original packaging and is in like-new condition. In addition, you must include the invoice, the price tags, and the original packaging when you return the item.