July 17, 2024
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Does Hot Weather Causes Foundation Cracks

Weather Causes

Have you ever thought for once that hot weather can affect your foundation either positively or negatively.  As a homeowner you should be aware that hot weather, whether extreme or not, can cause some level of damage to your foundation. When your foundation dries up it can cause shrinkage and cracks. When water eventually enters your foundation cracks it may cause more foundation problems. An expert tampa sinkhole repair contractor can always tell the signs of a foundation and sinkhole problem and diagnose dry foundation soil.

Foundation Cracks

Foundation Cracks are fissures in the wall of the foundation. It may be thin and small or deep and long.  They are caused by shifting soil and poor construction. It can also be caused by an expansive soil that swells and soaks up a lot of water, for example, clay soil. Having a poor drainage system around your home may also lead to cracks because it causes hydrostatic pressure to build up and press against the foundation walls. Too much or less water could lead to foundational problems and your walls would begin to sink inwards.

How to Treat Foundation Cracks

In order to beat foundation cracks and maintain a healthy home, you have to make sure it is in a cool state. Watering your foundation a few times daily can help to avoid cracks. If the cracks still occur you may need to contact an expert foundation repair florida contractor, some may even give free inspection and consultation.

How bad Can a Foundation Crack Be

A foundation crack can be as simple as a hairline crack or would expand deep that you may need to schedule an inspection with an expert concrete repair Orlando expert. An inspection would examine and provide you with the necessary information on how to avoid further damage you can use the information to minimize the crack impact. There can be structural cracks which are cracks in drywall or plaster and you do not need to worry much about this one. When cracks get worse it begins to get bigger over time, becoming diagonal and near each other.

How To Repair A Foundation crack

If you see a foundation crack around your home and want to repair it, there are several ways you can do that so as to prevent water from seeping in. It is always better to act promptly as soon as you witness the cracks forming. You can also use various methods such as Helical piers, slab piers or drilled concrete piers. You may decide to apply tar paper, this is to prevent water from seeping into the cracks. Follow these ways in order to prevent or stop cracks

Piers can be used for underpinning which is the act of anchoring your foundation to soil in order to support it. Then the use of hydraulic Jack to lift it up again. The most common piers used are the push piers because they are drilled deep into the soil until they get to the part where they can bear enough load. The building is not lifted by hydraulic jacks

When cracks also appear on the wall it can cause pressure to build up. An expert seawall repair fort myers contractor can address this issues by using anchors such as; wall plate anchors or C-channel wall anchor, Epoxy are also used to repair cracks.

How To Prevent Foundation Cracks

Since foundation cracks can be caused by the drying up of the soil beneath your foundation you can prevent it by doing the following

  • Ensure that all sources of water drainage are moved away from your home.
  • Ensure the gutters surrounding your home are not clogged up as this would prevent water from flowing out and can still be retained beneath your soil.
  • Water your foundations when it begins to get too hot or dry.


If you find yourself in a country where the climate is rather harsh and too hot you need to care for your foundation tenderly. Hot climate can pose dangers to your foundation so in order to avoid expensive recurrent bills you need to take care of it as soon as possible.