July 17, 2024
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6 Ways to Capture the California Style in Your Home

With a new home, you can experiment with various décor styles and make it a true oasis for your family. One of the styles that surely stands out in the home décor world is inspired by the Golden State. It’s among the favorite styles of the best interior designers in America. California style in home décor is eclectic, often related to the ideas such as bohemian, casual, and boho. Its features often include neutral colors, natural materials, soft fabrics, and an overall cozy and inviting atmosphere. Sounds tempting? Even if you’ve moved to another state, why wouldn’t you capture the California style in your home? Here are some of the easiest ways to incorporate California Casual in your new home and feel the atmosphere of the west.

More on California esthetics

California style is also known as California Cool or California Casual. The term itself explains the easiness of the whole idea – bringing nature to your home and letting the sunshine do its thing. Nature is the inspiration for this décor style, and this is why the materials used are cotton, leather, wood, and stone. These also set the color tone – soft, neutral colors that let the room breathe and look bigger than it actually is. This casual aesthetics is all about bringing the outdoors inside with a lot of natural light. Therefore, capturing the California style in your home won’t be easy – and here are the best tips to do that.

1. Set the right mindset – less is more

As you may know, California style is about lightness, open space, and functionality. You might have to do a serious decluttering session to achieve this look of your home. Experts from Mod Movers CA have an excellent suggestion for you – declutter before moving into your new home. This will not only make the space closer to the Cali style, but it can significantly reduce your moving costs. Removing unnecessary items from your household and leaving only essential will ensure your home is minimalistic and airy but also practical and functional. Declutter each room before you start packing, so you’re left only with items that will fit into the new style and save you time packing the boxes.

2.  Build a neutral base

The best way to decorate a room is to start with a base and then build the style by adding elements. A creamy, milky beige is the best way to implement California style in your home. Light-colored walls will accentuate the elements you’ll later bring in and let the natural light pop. However, not everything should be white and beige. To make these colors truly worth it, add some dark accents to create a contrast. These could be dark cabinets, window or door frames, etc.

3.  Incorporate natural elements

Bring nature inside by including some furniture pieces or décor items made of wood, leather, rattan, etc. These can be a statement leather armchair, a rattan basket or a rug, a massive wooden table, or a stone coffee table. However, don’t go overboard -keeping the balance and giving the room only accents of natural elements is essential. And finally, don’t forget the most important natural element – the light. Let the sunshine in by removing curtains or shades and, if possible, add more windows to allow more light into the rooms.

4. Layers and textures – mix them up

Even though we go for a light, neutral space, it should be far from plain and monotonous. Even neutral colors can give the space dimension by layering different textures and mixing the patterns. Rugs, covers, pillowcases – there’s so much you can play with here. Stripes, bohemian textiles, Turkish kilims – different fabrics and knits are allowed to make the space more exciting but still keep it close to its neutral base. Don’t be afraid to mix the patterns – Cali Cool Style is relaxed and has no limits on creativity.

5.  Plants

When we said you should bring the outdoors in – we really meant it. Plants are another way to do this. The whole idea is getting plants that can grow inside but that look outdoorsy at the same time. This can be a California Palm, a tall cactus – any oversized plant that can give that breath of California air to your home. Houseplants are a great way to get closer to nature and lessen that sterile look in your home.

6.  Artwork that speaks California

Art is probably the most important aspect of every home décor idea. Luckily, there’s so much to choose from if you want to capture the California style in your home. Firstly, there are décor items that bring the Cali sun in – a surfing board, hanging sunhats, or any other beachy item that sets the tone more relaxedly. Also, mixing a tropical-patterned wallpaper with a cool neon sign is another thing you can see in California homes. Experiment with words and colors and give a unique detail to your home. Finally, wall art can make your living space truly Californian. Large-scale paintings or photographs are an ideal way to fill up a wall in a fantastic way. Themes can go from portraits, street life, California landscapes, etc. However, don’t forget that expert help is needed for moving such items with minimum risk of damage. Art pieces are fragile and valuable, so it’s best to hire someone experienced to take care of moving artwork without damage into a new home.

If it’s impossible to move to California, bring that Golden State vibe to you! It’s actually rather easy to capture California style in your home – after learning the basics, you’ll be able to easily turn your living space into a peaceful oasis that reminds you of the Cali sun.