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Best Places to Buy a House in California for 2022

Looking to buy yourself a place in California in 2022? Now might be a good time to go for it. After a price surge during the pandemic, the housing market in California has had a rather busy summer. So, with the housing market finally starting to stabilize, it is an excellent time to consider buying a home in the Golden State. To help you, we have put together a list of the best places to buy a house in California for 2022.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a great place, filled with iconic landmarks, trendsetting residents, and independently-owned businesses. The city has been molded by its communities. Its metro area has been the heart of the bohemian lifestyle and the starting point of the technology era. Everything in San Francisco feels unique, from the grassy Presidio hills to the historic streets within the Mission District. This attracts all sorts of people, from students and young entrepreneurs to retirees. All of this together places San Francisco as the best place to live in California. Price-wise, however, this city isn’t very forgiving. Harsh zoning restrictions and population growth have led to fewer houses being available and drove up the prices.


San Jose

Next up on the list of the best places to buy a house in California for 2022 – San Jose. This city has been nicknamed the Capital of Silicon Valley; it is a diverse city with an innovative spirit. San Jose is home to a sprawling metro area defined by its massive tech campuses, suburban neighborhoods, and high-rises in the business district. It is considered to be the second-best place to live in California. The city has recently spurred on a hiring surge; however, the technological boom has caused the prices of homes to rise as well. Much of the metro area is unaffordable to residents without high-tech salaries. People looking to invest here might find the prices rather steep, but any form of investment here is sure to pay itself back.

Studio City

Studio City, a neighborhood inside Los Angeles, is a small area with a lot to offer. Often regarded as the Jewel of the Valley, it is a place born from the entertainment industry. As such, it usually attracts actors, musicians, and writers. Today, it is famous as the CBS studio center. This neighborhood can offer just about anything one could desire. The many coffee shops, bars, parks, and restaurants always provide something new to experience. The only drawback of Studio City is the fact that houses are not cheap. If you’re looking to settle down in Studio City, it is a good call to hire Studio City-based experts to help you move.


Looking for a quieter place? Modesto might be the choice for you. This city attracts those looking for the balance of a culturally rich city center surrounded by quiet residential areas. Modesto’s downtown is home to large and private venues that offer nearly endless entertainment, from comedy showcases to concerts. The neighborhoods are lined with trees, and there are many parks in which you can relax.

Additionally, Modesto is home to a bustling agricultural industry, and it is surrounded by farmland. Price-wise, Modesto is much cheaper than California’s coastal areas, though it is still a little more expensive than the national average. This region’s median home value is slightly lower than the national average, making it an excellent place for investors as well as people looking to settle down.


Stockton is a city that houses a diverse community. Its metro area draws in many new residents due to the city’s low cost of living compared to the rest of California. Moreover, houses in Stockton cost a lot less than in the coastal areas. This places it as one of the best places to buy a home in California. However, if you’re looking to invest here, be sure to avoid the biggest real estate mistakes you can make such as chouse best Los angeles real estate agents


While Bakersfield has always been a stopping point for people traveling between LA and San Francisco, it is actually a great place to buy a home. The city offers a healthy job market and very affordable prices to those looking to settle down in it. As a matter of fact, it’s Bakersfield’s strong sense of community combined with the city’s oil and agriculture industries that keep it thriving. Bakersfield offers much lower prices than most of the state.


Sitting right in the middle of California’s Central Valley, Visalia is an excellent choice for people looking to live in a calmer place with proximity to a bigger city. Visalia offers unique dining opportunities and plenty of thriving businesses with diverse shopping choices. Fresno and Bakersfield and roughly an hour’s drive away from Visalia. Living here provides an abundance of culture, recreation opportunities, good education, and exciting nightlife. Visalia is a great place to invest in property on a budgetas the current median price for single-family houses is lower than the national average. Still, the housing market here is heating up, and prices are rising quickly.


Many places in California are an excellent choice for buying a house as the Golden State offers a diverse selection of housing markets to engage with. We hope you found this list of the best places to buy a house in California for 2022 helpful.

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