April 24, 2024
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What Percentage Of Americans Are Homeless?

Imagine an unexpected curve ball thrown at you with full force. This is likely the main cause of homelessness – it derails you from drastic life changes. Homelessness is not related to any particular reason, but the ups and downs in one’s life also deviate from the right path.

A huge number of people have become homeless in America, and it is not stopping.  For some time now, a huge drop can be seen in the percentage of homeless people. There can be many reasons for homeless people, but here are five reasons why homeless people are often seen.


Poverty and the breakdown of relationships being two of the most common causes of homelessness that we notice. We all want to be happy in our homes with our family, just as we want to have a great friend or mentor nearby. We want someone we care about who will never abandon us in the face of adversity. Even if it fades away after that, the absence of that relationship in our lives creates a lot of grief.


Often illness and disability do not come of their agreement; sometimes, it can be painful to face situations that compel homelessness. You need to have a stable source of income, but chronic illness and disability hinder you from getting a job. You never know when you will fall ill and your happy life should some unforeseen accident happen. If this happens, then it will not be easy to face the situations that will arise while it will change your life’s whole life.


In today’s society, discrimination is being done everywhere in which the skills of the people are not seen. Not everyone is lucky enough to find a safe place in the workplace. Along with the increase in unemployment, there can be a decrease in the workplaces, whereas America is called an educated country, but mechanization has snatched the place of the workers. It can be difficult to put yourself in someone else’s place, but the truth is that the workplace cannot be the only source of income.

Domestic Abuse

90% of women who experience homelessness in their lifetime report some form of physical or sexual abuse. Always deprived of domestic abuse, the rate of both men and women means they experience homelessness much more frequently. Avoiding misbehavior is necessary and very necessary; otherwise, it forces you to build houses on the streets. This has become one of the main reasons for the increase in homeless people in America.

Expensive Housing

A huge difference is visible between people living in expensive places and living on the streets, mainly in cities and metropolitan areas. Atlanta is one of the beautiful and luxurious places to live, but it is a growing city heading towards inflation every day. The average one-bedroom apartment costs about $1,000 a month to live inside the city.  When the minimum earnings are only $7.25 per hour. Most people experiencing homelessness are individuals (67 percent). The remainder (33 percent) are people in families with children.