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What Is The Largest Steel Structure In The World?

The was an era when the buildings were made out of steel to organize a structure make it a skyscraper. In the year1960 there came the existence of building the tallest buildings made out of steel. The best contractor in the market was Fazlur Khan, as he was recognized for building the best skyscraper design. So at the current position, there are many buildings made out globally and are famous for the tallest structure. Here we have discussed the top 10 buildings made of steel and have a record for the world’s tallest steel building.

  1. Willis Tower

There was a boom in the American building, and sears Tower came into existence as monolithic. There was bundled system arrangement involved in the building of this Tower. A similar system was adopted while the SOM constructed the Burj Khalifa. There was a bundle of 9 Towers from where the two stopped till the 50 stories. The seven Towers left continued till the 66 floors, where two more Towers ended up there. After that, another two Towers ended up in the 90 storey building. Finally, it was seen that the building extended up to 110 floors.

  1. Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is considered the most iconic skyscraper which was built at the time. For more than 40 years, it gained the title of the world’s tallest building. It has been famous for providing a word-class look with gigantic battling. Also, there was a record while building the entire structure in 13 months. The height of the Empire State Building is considered to be 381 meters and is entirely made up of steel.

  1. Aon Centre

The Aon centre comes on the third number for the tallest steel-made building. The height of this is 346 meters and was built in the year 1973. The particular building is used for an official purpose, and you will find it in Chicago. This building was made by the Tubular frame structure method and was considered resistant to weather and earthquake. This building has 88 floors in total which were built by the Turner construction.

  1. The Centre

The centre is one of the few buildings that was built in Hong Kong with steel. The building was designed by Dennis and Chun Man Architects and Engineers LTD. The construction of the building was completed in 1998 by the construction team. Currently, the building is listed as dark want the second largest building in the world, which has 73 floors. Also, it has gained an award for the 10th tallest building in China.

  1. John Hancock Centre

Chicago is a place which is famous for building steel construction building. There are several buildings you can find in Chicago which are entirely made up of steel. The John Hancock Centre is also famous as one of the last buildings in the world made of steel. The building was completed in 1970 weather height of 344 meters. Currently, the building is being used as a residential area and also for official purposes. The building gained its strength from the outer shell of the tubular, which Khan constructed.

  1. Minsheng Bank Building

This building was completed in 2007, and it gained the position in the world’s top 10 tallest Steel buildings. But when it is about the height, it was considered the world’s 26th tallest, with 68 floors in them where three of them were underground. The time taken for completing the structure of this building was about seven years. The building is located in a well-known place in China named Wuhan. Also, it has a height of 331 M and is used for official purposes.

  1. China World Trade Centre III

Another tallest building on the list is made of steel and is considered the fourth tallest made by the contractors. The building has 74 floors which is A Remarkable size and number with a good area for seismic activity. There were many events and challenges faced in the construction, and it became a good resistance to the earthquakes. Of this building is 330 M and people are using it for both hotel and office purpose. The building is located in Beijing, China, and is made up of entirely steel.

  1. Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building is considered a more attractive structure than the Empire State Building in New York. Construction of this building was completed in 1930 with a full year of ESB. The length of this building is considered to be 60 M shorter than the ESB. The height of the Chrysler building is about 300 19 and is used for official purposes in New York, USA. Until the Eiffel Tower was built, this building has a world record for the highest building in 1930. This building is also considered the tallest building made by man.

  1. New York Times Tower

Time taken to complete the New York Times Tower was about four years, which was 319m. This building is also located in New York and is famous as the house for the newspaper. Also, the building was made by the famous contractors AMEC and the largest Architects of piano building workshop. There are more than 18000 fixtures of natural fluorescent light applied in the entire building. Also, the curtain wall is glazed with the make and iced and low e glass to reduce the glare.

  1. US Bank Tower

Another name in the list of the world’s tallest steel buildings is the US bank tower. Measured on the recharge scale, this building is resistant to earthquakes for up to 8.3 on the count. The building has 73 floors in total and is well recognized in Los Angeles. You will also find this particular building in many of the famous television shows and movies. The height of this building is 310 and was completed in the year 1990. Also, the US bank tower is used as an office by many of the companies that are well recognized.