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Townhouse vs. Apartment in NYC How to Choose?

Townhouse vs. Apartment in NYC How to Choose?

Many people dream of living in New York one day. It’s understandable because so many things make New York appealing. The culture, diversity, and many opportunities to be free from the constraints of a small place. Also, living in big cities is often associated with success. That’s one more reason people want to live in NYC; there’s a sense that anything is possible. If you are moving to New York soon, this is the right article for you. We will weigh in on the debate of which is better, Townhouse vs. Apartment in NYC. We will also explain a little more about each option’s pros and cons. And in the end, you can make an informed decision for yourself.

What’s the difference between a townhouse and a regular house?

First things first, let’s explain what exactly a townhouse is. In many ways, townhouses are very similar to traditional houses, but there are a few differences. When you buy a house, you own it along with the land that it’s on. On the other hand, with townhouses, there is a common wall you share with another townhouse. Also, there are some common areas you have to share with other townhouse residents, like pools, clubhouses, tennis courts, and recreation centers. When buying or renting a townhouse, you have to act in accordance with the rules of the Homeowners Association, and you also have to pay a monthly fee.

Townhouse vs. Apartment – Price

When deciding where to live and what type of housing to choose, price is one of the main criteria. It’s essential to select an option that won’t overwhelm your budget. When it comes to the costs of townhouses and apartments, the prices can vary depending on location, space, etc. But more often than not, townhouses can be more expensive than apartments. One of the reasons for that is that townhouses have outdoor spaces that hike up their price, while apartments don’t. Also, when renting a townhouse, you must pay a monthly fee to the Homeowners association. So if you want to go easy on your budget, renting an apartment is a better option.

The structure

The main difference between apartments and townhouses is structure. Townhouses share a common wall, but they mostly look like three stories high individual houses. That’s an excellent option for people who like more space between the different areas of their homes. For example, you can have your bedroom on one floor and the living room and kitchen on the other. But if you prefer something a bit cozier, then an apartment is the choice for you. Also, for people with disabilities or people who have some health issues who have trouble walking up the stairs, apartments are much easier to live in than townhouses. Expert movers at Divine Moving and Storage say it’s much easier moving someone’s belongings into an apartment than a townhouse because of the structure. It’s much easier to reach all the rooms in an apartment than in a three-story townhouse.

How much do you value privacy?

Another critical argument regarding Apartment vs. Townhouse is the matter of privacy. The thing with townhouses and apartments is that privacy levels are not the highest. With townhouses, you share a wall with another townhouse, so it is not the most private option. But with apartments, the situation is a little bit worse. More neighbors are next to you in an apartment than in a townhouse. Of course, this also depends on what apartment building you are in. Those cheaper ones with thin walls are a nightmare for anyone who loves privacy and safety. So neither option is great, but the townhouse is maybe a little better.

How much space do you need?

The question of space is deeply connected to your budget. The bigger the budget, the more spacious apartment or townhouse you can afford. As we already said, the only difference is how that space is structured. NYC apartments are notorious for sometimes being so small that there is barely room for your essential stuff. But there is a way out of that problem too. If you want to live in an apartment, but it’s too small for all your things, then you should consider renting storage in Manhattan since a storage unit can solve this issue very efficiently. Choose what items you need for everyday life and what goes to storage. You can donate the things you don’t need but are still useful. You will clear up more space in your home and do a good deed.

Your family situation

When choosing between a townhouse and an apartment, you must consider your family situation. You don’t need the same things when you are young and fresh out of college and when you are an adult with kids.

For a family with kids, a townhouse is a better option. First, townhouses have an outdoor space, and apartments don’t. And kids love having an area where they can play and spend family time. When you live in a townhouse, you also have a lot of amenities. For example, you can spend your afternoons in a pool, or on basketball and tennis courts. This makes a townhouse a much better and more fun environment for kids to grow up in.

Final thoughts

These were some fundamental differences and similarities between apartments and townhouses. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you when it comes to debating Townhouse vs. Apartment. But at the end of the day, every family is different. People require different things from their living spaces, and no one knows better than you what you’ll need. The best thing to do in this situation is not to rush. Deciding where to live is a big and important decision and requires time. Do the necessary research so you can make a well-informed decision. The good thing about New York is that it’s huge and offers many different housing options. Don’t give up if you don’t find what you are looking for right away. With a little bit more time and a little luck, you will find a perfect home.