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Top-Rated Chicago Suburbs for Young Professionals

Chicago suburbs for young professionals

Choosing the right place to call home is often a defining moment in a young professional’s life. Whether they’re looking at attractive Chicago suburbs or considering different US States to buy land, this decision can significantly impact their work-life balance, career prospects, and social activities. Key factors like commute times, housing affordability, lifestyle amenities, and vibrant community life make a location desirable. In this guide, we’re focusing on the top-rated Chicago suburbs for young professionals, setting you on the right track to find your ideal home base.

5 Top-Rated Chicago Suburbs for Young Professionals

Young professionals increasingly strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance in today’s fast-paced world. An ideal location offers excellent career opportunities and caters to their interests and wellness needs. From diverse culinary scenes and outdoor activities to cultural hubs and vibrant social scenes, the right location can provide the perfect blend of professional growth and personal fulfillment.

Suburban living, particularly around Chicago, presents a unique blend of these elements. It provides the tranquility and community feel of suburban life and easy access to the bustling heart of the Windy City. Here, young professionals can enjoy affordable living, convenient commutes, and many leisure activities, all contributing to a high quality of life. The question of whether you should buy a house without a realtor often arises in this context. It underscores the need for careful decision-making in securing your ideal home in these promising locales.

Oak Park

Located just ten miles west of downtown Chicago, Oak Park is a suburban gem teeming with cultural and architectural beauty. Known for being the home of famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, it boasts a wealth of historical landmarks and attractions. Oak Park appeals to young professionals due to its urban amenities and suburban comforts. The region offers excellent public transportation options, eclectic dining, shopping, and an arts scene that keeps the community lively. In addition, the suburb is renowned for its diverse and inclusive atmosphere, making it an inviting place to live and work.


Home to Northwestern University, Evanston is a vibrant suburb located on the North Shore of Chicago. Its scenic views of Lake Michigan, thriving downtown area, and historical charm make it a standout option. Evanston offers young professionals a blend of cultural richness and academic intellect, combined with various housing options ranging from high-rise apartments to charming houses. The suburb’s array of restaurants, shops, and theaters and its access to beautiful beaches attract professionals seeking an active and enriching lifestyle. The Evanston community also prides itself on its commitment to sustainability and the environment, a value that resonates with many young professionals today.

Morton Grove

Named after former US Vice President Levi Parsons Morton, Morton Grove is a charming village located in Cook County. It’s steeped in rich history, with European settlers arriving in the area as early as the 1830s. With a population of around 23,000, it offers a small-town feel while remaining easily accessible to downtown Chicago. For young professionals, Morton Grove is a haven that combines affordability with convenience. The housing market here is diverse, with various options from apartments to single-family homes. Its transport links are robust, with Metra providing direct access to Chicago, making it perfect for commuters.

Furthermore, the suburb has a vibrant social scene, with numerous restaurants, parks, and recreational facilities, contributing to a well-rounded lifestyle. So, let local experts can jump in if you’re planning a move to Morton Grove, particularly when hiring movers. They can provide valuable insights and guidance to ensure a smooth, stress-free relocation process.


Ranked consistently as one of the best places to live in America, Naperville lies approximately 28 miles west of Chicago. Known for its high-quality education, it is also home to beautiful parks, an array of eateries, and a thriving business scene. Naperville is one of the most popular Chicago suburbs for young professionals due to its friendly atmosphere, robust job market, and blend of urban amenities with a suburban sense of community. The vibrant downtown, Riverwalk, and accessibility to Chicago through the Metra make it a highly desirable place for career-focused individuals seeking a balanced lifestyle.


A suburb with a rich heritage, Elmhurst lies in the heart of DuPage County. With its easy access to O’Hare International Airport and downtown Chicago, it’s a hotspot for young professionals. Elmhurst features diverse housing options, excellent school systems, and a dynamic downtown area with various dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Its numerous parks, fitness centers, and annual festivals contribute to a strong community spirit. For young professionals, Elmhurst offers the opportunity to be part of a close-knit community while still having effortless access to Chicago’s broader professional and social opportunities.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Suburb

Young professionals should consider several key factors when selecting the best suburb. Proximity to downtown Chicago and accessibility to public transportation are crucial for an efficient daily commute. Equally important is the cost of living, including housing prices and living expenses, which directly influences financial security and lifestyle choices. Moreover, the aesthetic appeal of homes, such as the allure of American traditional interior design, can add a sense of comfort and style to your living space. Finally, considering the vibrancy of the social scene, including restaurants, nightlife, and community events, is essential for a fulfilling social life and networking opportunities.


Navigating through the top-rated Chicago suburbs for young professionals, we explored gems like Morton Grove, Oak Park, Evanston, Naperville, and Elmhurst. Each suburb offers its unique blend of convenience, community, and charisma. If you’re a young professional considering a move to the Chicago area, these suburbs should be high on your list. Choosing the right suburb can dramatically enrich your professional journey and personal experiences.