April 24, 2024
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The Top 10 Most Expensive Homes In The World!

Every person has a dream of getting a beautiful and large spacing house once in their lifetime. Everybody has a house, but some special houses in the world are famous all over.  These houses are owned by some great co-founders, businessmen, and entrepreneurs of the world. The cost of the houses is unbelievable and could not be awarded by a normal middle-class person.

The features of these houses are great and exclusive. One should consider looking at the features of these houses to know about the heaven homes on the earth.

Xanadu 2.0

The owner of this House is Bill gates, the co-founder of Microsoft; the House is provided in an area of 66,000 square foot kilometers. The House is constructed and designed in a complete amount of 63 million dollars and built-in seven years. The House has many great features, as it has a great personal pool which is equipped with modern features. A huge library which is spread in 2100 square feet, it also has a hidden bar.

18- 19 Kensington Gardens

Mittal industries are the largest tea industries globally, known by the name of- Arcelor Mittal. Owner of Mittal industries Lakshmi Mittal owns this House, which is situated on billionaires row. The House is just next to Prince William and Kate Middleton, and it has 12 bedrooms. Apart from the bedrooms, it contains 20 parking places, a highly equipped pool, and a present table garden. The value of this House is a nearby 128 million dollar; it is such a great experience to live in the great Mittal mansion.

Seven The Pinnacle

The property is situated in Yellowstone club, and it is the greatest property in the area. Yellowstone Club is a private golf community for greatly rich people; the home is designed in the shape of a beautiful lodge. But apart from this, the location where it is situated has a specialty also. The location will be either full of greens, or it will be full of snow. Therefore with the changing nature, an individual can enjoy both the sceneries equally. The price of this House is 155 million dollars, and it has many different flours.

Palazzo Di Amore

The beautiful property is in Beverly Hills, where an individual can find many expensive and glorious houses. The expensive House cost around 195 million dollars, and Jeff Greene owns it. The owner is an American politician as well as an estate entrepreneur; the House looks similar to a holiday spending resort. The property is equipped with 12 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, and a great tennis court. Apart from that a big swimming pool and waterfalls are also situated in the House.

Ellison Estate

The House is located in California in the Woodside, and Larry Ellison owns it. The person is the co-founder of Oracle, and the House cost almost 200 million dollars. Many several properties in the House are worth seeing, such as the House. Besides this, the bathhouse and a beautiful manmade Lake will leave you still. The complete House is a lot like design all the inside but in the outer portion also. The comfortable velvety sofas and beautiful wooden pillars enhance the view of the House.

Four Fairfield Pond

Ira Renner, the owner of the Renco Group, owns this property spread over 63 acres. Renco Group is an Investment Company that invests in auto manufacturing and smelting. The House is equipped with 29 bedrooms and three personal swimming pools acquired with the light-up facility. The dining room of the House is 91 feet long, and the House has a power plant. The House is perfect for sporty people, as it contains a basketball court, squash court, tennis court and much more.

Villa Les Cedres

This House is made in a total area of 18000 square foot which is a villa home and heaven on earth. The House was built for the Belgium king in 1830; the property is designed in traditional royal style. Many art pieces are very beautiful; the furniture is completely elegant with settled breeding. The House has 14 bedrooms, a swimming pool that is Olympiad-sized, a ballroom, and a great library. The library has a collection of 3000 books and also has 30 horses capacity stable.

Villa Leopolda

The House is built in a large area of around 50 acres and has a huge personal greenhouse. Other facilities of the House are a pool house, a large outdoor kitchen, and a beautiful guest house. The owner of the House is Lily saphra, is Brazilian philanthropist. The houses do not have many great features, but the location of this House is outstanding and very peaceful. It is situated in France countryside location which cost around 661 million dollars.


This House has spread in around 400000 square foot 27 ceilings and costs around 82 billion rupees. The House is owned by India’s richest Mukesh Ambani, in the greatly poor area of Mumbai. The House has many great features, as it is spread in 27 floors which makes it the most beautiful and elegant House in India. Great features of the House, three rooftop helicopter pads, nine highly speeded elevators, and a steel and glass structure.

Buckingham Palace

It could be considered the best House in England and is usually known as the queen of property. The value of the House is 117 billion dollars. House has a total of 775 rooms, and it contains a total staff of 188. The House is also equipped with 52 completely royal bedrooms, 78 bathrooms, and 92 officers. The theme of the rooms was very symmetrical, that it looks no less than a Disney’s Queen House.

The Concluding Lines

These are the great features of the top 10 houses in the world that are expensive. The features of every House are unique and great; all the houses are made with proper planning and by spending huge money. The owners of these houses are very rich and earning great money in their life.