June 22, 2024
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How Much Land In The USA Is Farmland?

Agriculture is the major industry in the United States for the exporter of pure food. According to the 2007 Agricultural Census, there were 22 million farms, covering 922 million acres, an average of 418 acres of farmland. If seen, agricultural work takes place in every state of the Union, especially their center in the Great Plains, a large tract of flat, fertile land to the west of the center of the Great Lakes country. East of the Rocky Mountains is part of the eastern, wetter half, major corn and soybean-producing region identified as the corn belt.

Agriculture In The USA Since Ancient Times

In the United States, corn, turkey, tomatoes, potatoes, peanuts, and sunflowers are being done according to the age-old tradition. Colonists had greater access to land in the colonial United States than in Europe. The labor organization was complicated because only the laborers, indentured, slaves, etc., were forced to do agriculture. The landless farmers wanted to do farming on a large scale, but they could only work in the fields due to the lack of cultivable land.

Land Ownership Laws In The United States

In the United States, strict laws have been made on farming and getting it done, which are mandatory to follow. Since last year, a proposal on foreign ownership of the agricultural sector was introduced in the Parliament. The most foreign-owned state since 2019 is Maine, which has 3.1 million acres that are foreign-controlled, followed by Texas at 3 million acres. According to the Midwest Center’s analytic thinking, Alabama, at 1.6 million acres, Washington, at 1.5 million acres, Michigan, at 1.3 million acres, round out the top five.

Farmland Industry Of USA

Since ancient times, agricultural land has been owned by small property owners, but as of 2017, institutional investors, consider foreign corporations, were buying agricultural land. Smithfield Foods, the largest producer of pork, was purchased by a Chinese company. A few years ago, only a few percent of farms had sales of more than $1m, but these farms record two-thirds of total manufacture. Some of these farms are organically grown from private family-owned businesses.

Safety And Health Care In Agriculture

US  Agriculture in the U.S. Record for about 75% of the country’s pesticide utilization. Whether they are working straight with chemicals or not, agricultural workers are at high risk of infection to harmful levels of pesticides. Migrant workers, especially women, are at greater risk for health issues connected with exposure to pesticides due to miss of training or proper health safety precautions. Agriculture being a world-famous business, is also considered a great source of income.


In the United States, agricultural production is very high due to being largely fertile land.  Different states are known for their special varieties of crops. People from other countries come and express their eagerness to do farming here. Due to which the US government is proceeding to make necessary laws keeping in mind the natural security there.