June 22, 2024
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Classic Kitchen Renovation Ideas for an Elegant Space

Classic Kitchen

Renovating your property’s kitchen is almost a rite of passage. You buy an older property with an outdated kitchen, renovate it, and enjoy a space that immediately works infinitely better for you and your family. The same even applies to new builds. You get the keys, walk in, and see the same kitchen space as everyone else. The rest of your home you can make your own by just adding your furniture and decorating, but your kitchen needs a more hands-on approach to really make it yours and also to make it functional for the way you want to live.

It’s okay if the only thing that you know for a fact about your kitchen is that you don’t like the design. If this sounds like you, then take inspiration from these key renovation ideas to make your space your own.

Change Out the Floors

Floors are a very personal choice. Some people like light floors, others dark, some want gray tones, others warm. Considering just how large of a space your floor takes up visually, it’s critical that you enjoy the look and feel of it. After all, you’ll be touching these floors with bare feet and deserve an option that looks and feels great. Of course, there is a caveat when choosing kitchen floor tiles – they must also be durable. Choosing stone-effect kitchen floor tiles instead of real stone in some cases can help prevent stains and other common issues from ever coming up. You also need the floors to withstand the occasional pan or two dropping.

Hidden Storage

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist; there comes a point in any interior design where there’s too much stuff. Usually, the issue is when the items on display aren’t the ones you want on display. Food, pots, pans, and other daily essentials cannot be removed from your kitchen but can be organized effectively. A great way to do this is to build in storage. Consider adding a pantry closet or cupboard and extra storage elements like pull-out draws to your cupboards so that everything is within easy reach.

Integrated Appliances

Small appliances clutter up counter space, and when you’re working with a limited amount of surface area, those appliances can quickly become a nightmare. While yes, you can put those items away when you aren’t using them, this doesn’t always work. That’s why integrating appliances is so important. Think of that boiling water tap or installing your microwave into the wall alongside your cupboards. These options keep items off your counters without impacting the functionality of your home.

Statement Essentials

When making a statement, look to either your fridge, stove, or both. If you are hiding away your fridge and freezer behind cupboard doors, then focus on your oven and hob set, as well as other hardware pieces like your taps and handles. Choosing beautiful, elegant options here will really help make your space elegant and eye-catching. It can be a quick win for getting that elegant space much sooner.