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Best Suburbs to Live in Around NYC

suburbs to live in around NYC

Ah, the New York City… It is hard to mention it without having a strong emotion go through you. But as much as this absolutely stunning city is lovely in every possible way, many people still want a more relaxed life than it offers. To be able to spend a lot of your time in beautiful NYC and yet live a peaceful and fulfilled life, you should consider the suburbs. Here are the best suburbs to live in around NYC.

Rumson (New Jersey) – a Manhattan professionals’ neighborhood of choice

This is one of the Manhattan businessmen’ getaways and a permanent home for many of them. Going away for a weekend when you’re busy can be tricky if you live and work in Manhattan. So many professionals that work in Manhattan have chosen to live in their weekend getaway instead of just visiting it. It only takes a 45-minute fairy ride from Rumson to the heart of New York. That makes it a natural home neighborhood choice for those working in the Big Apple. The fabulous mansions with views to the water provide the stunning architecture this charming suburb is famous for.

Since this was a popular tourist area for many years, you can join many tennis and country clubs. This suburb lies between two rivers – the Navesink and Shrewsbury, and on its west side, there’s part of the Jersey Shore coastline to enjoy. All that provides the opportunity for swimming, sailing, fishing, and every other water activity you can think of. Living in Rumson is really like having your piece of relaxing paradise to live in forever.

Rye (Westchester) – a small town with a luxurious side

If there were a contest for the most picture-perfect family neighborhood, Rye would be a serious candidate for winning it. This smallest city in the county doesn’t lack a comfortable life. Its neat combination of a small-town vibe and enough luxury a modern family needs make Rye a popular place to relocate. So, if you decide to move to Rye, you will not be making a mistake. The kids in this charming city walk together to school, as there are no buses – the schools are close. There are homes for every budget, from jaw-dropping waterfront mansions to affordable family homes.

As for entertainment, in Rye, there’s one of the oldest amusement parks that kids and adults love equally. Apart from that, many other remnants of history help make this city worth visiting and moving to. The process of moving to Rye should not bother you, especially if you decide to get here with expert help. Hiring movers is always a good idea to make things go smoothly, and as for the rest of your new life, don’t worry. Rye will certainly take good care of you.

Greenwich (Connecticut) – one of the best suburbs to live in around NYC

Across the ocean, in a faraway land called England, there’s a town that used to be the favorite one of the Queen herself! That town’s name is Greenwich. Greenwich in Connecticut may not be the Queen’s favorite, but it sure is trendy and with a good reason. Whatever your preferences, this almost royal town has it for you.

Nature is fantastic here, too, as this is a coastal town with all the beauties that come with that epithet. The sporty people will be happy to discover that there are plenty of opportunities for them to do sports here. Because of the body of water surrounding it, Greenwich provides the opportunities to do a lot of sailing, swimming, and kayaking; you name it.

Thanks to the vicinity of Babcock Preserve – a forest and wetland that spans over 300 acres, hiking, biking, and plain-old camping is available too. And in case you are lucky to live in one of the gorgeous homes in Greenwich, you can do your gardening because the favorable climate will surely allow it. When you get tired of all those physical activities, many restaurants with delicious food are ready to serve you. It’s one of the best suburbs to live in around NYC, and with a good reason.

Port Washington (Long Island) – a hidden gem from the Great Gatsby

Just 17 miles from New York, there’s a hidden gem people who want to live in this area must consider. It is like a little town from animated movies. Its picturesque beauty consists of tree-lined streets and a breathtaking view of Manhasset Bay. Even though about 33.000 people live here, there are over 50 restaurants, which is impressive. Shopping in this town is like traveling back in time to the period before shopping centers and massive stores. And here’s another fun fact about Port Washington – that is the neighborhood Scot F. Fitzgerald was referring to when he spoke of “East Egg” in his mega-popular novel The Great Gatsby.

For these and many more reasons, the experts and non-experts in real estate consider buying your first property here a great idea. Whether it’s your first or tenth property, you’ll probably be very satisfied if you choose this suburb.

Final thoughts

All of these best suburbs to live in around NYC are unique on their own, but they have a few features in common. First, they offer a quieter life than NYC’s neighborhoods can provide, but not at the cost of the comforts, an urban area brings. There are shopping and restaurants as well as so many activities in every one of these areas. If you want to move to this part of the US, you should visit every one of them and feel its vibe. Walk their streets and learn about their history. Let the things you’ve read about here come to life and wow you in person. We are sure you’ll find the suburb perfect for you and your family and become a valuable and happy resident of it.