June 22, 2024
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Best Places to Live in New Jersey When Commuting to NYC

Living in New Jersey and commuting to NYC for work is hardly a new concept. In fact, when deciding whether to buy a home in NY or New Jersey, most people consider taking the daily commute. The NY Times report shows that 320,000 people commute from New Jersey to NYC daily. Fortunately, this substantial commute has shown us that certain places in New Jersey are far easier to commute from. So, with that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of top places to live in New Jersey when commuting to NYC.

New Jersey
New Jersey

Our pick of places to live in New Jersey when commuting to NYC

We’ve filtered through the various places in New Jersey by combing their transportation infrastructure with the overall quality of life. To easily commute to NYC, you need to live in an area in New Jersey that is properly connected to it. But, even with top-notch transport, you ought to make sure that your neighborhood provides you with a decent quality of life. Therefore, we only found it logical to connect the two and present you with our results.

Jersey City

Let’s start with the place you’ve probably anticipated already. Namely, if you want to live in New Jersey and commute to NYC daily, Jersey City is an easy choice. Even during rush hours, it will likely take you about 40 minutes to get from work to home. So, considering the NYC traffic, this is a bargain. The great thing about community from Jersey City to NYC is that you have different options. You can take the PATH train and arrive in around 30 minutes. Or you can take the ferry and get to and from work even faster.

When it comes to quality of life, Jersey City, of course, shines. Apart from great schools and plenty of parks, you have various entertainment options and a thriving nightlife. You can find numerous top-notch restaurants, as well as enjoy the Jersey City Theater Center along with three movie theatres. In our view, if you are moving from NYC to New Jersey, Jersey City should be your first consideration. Living there will feel right at home. And if you need help settling in, finding reliable movers will be a breeze.


Another easy option to recommend is Hoboken. Again, you have different options for commuting, giving you ample flexibility to optimize it. You can take the PATH train and arrive in NYC in about 15 minutes. If you opt for a ferry, your commute will only last 10 minutes (depending on where your work is). And, while driving through the rush hour can be arduous, the Lincon Tunnel shortens the drive to about 30 minutes.

Praising the quality of life in Hoboken is one of the easiest tasks in the world. You have a terrific nightlife, offering you a variety of bars, clubs, and restaurants. Once you feel like slowing down, you can easily take a walk on the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway and enjoy a scenic view.

Union City

While The PATH system doesn’t cover union City, it does have easy access to the Lincoln Tunnel. This, along with the NJ Transit system, allows you to arrive in NYC in around 30 minutes. If you are going to use your car, you can likely lower your commute time to 20 minutes.

The most significant advantage of Union City over Jersey City is that it is cheaper. Both residential costs and costs of living are noticeably lower than those in Jersey City. This makes Union City an excellent choice for families with limited income. The city itself offers a variety of entertainment options like the Grammy Museum and the Park Performing Arts Center. The skyline at Washington Park has become a staple of Union City, and we are sure you’re going to enjoy it regularly. You will especially enjoy Union City if you love Latin culture, as people often refer to it as Havana on Hudson.


While we are on the subject of budget-friendly housing, it is only natural to mention Newark. When it comes to commuting, the easiest way is to take the train. A single ride from Newark to NYC is only going to take you around 20 minutes. And if you plan on using a car, you can expect a 40-45 minute commute to your work, which is by no means long in NYC standards.

When it comes to living standards, Newark has a lot going for it. Apart from the budget-friendliness that we’ve already mentioned, Newark has some terrific universities. The art scene in Newark is thriving, with Prudent Center and New Jersey Performing Arts Center housing some fantastic exhibits. If you are worried about nightlife and restaurants, don’t be. A quick trip to the Ironbound district will have you surrounded by 150 small restaurants. So, if you enjoy dining out, Newark is an easy choice.

Final thoughts

If you plan on buying a home in your new New Jersey neighborhood, we have a word of caution. Namely, while there are terrific places to live in New Jersey, you can hardly hope that an online article will give you the complete picture of what living there is like. So, before you buy property, we suggest that you spend some time renting out an apartment there.

While companies like Teddy Moving and Storage would emphasize that doing so makes your relocation more manageable, we would point to something else. Namely, by renting out an apartment, you will learn what life truly is like in your new neighborhood. And you’ll know how long your commute will actually last (with parking and all). Finally, if you happen to change your NYC job, you’ll be much glad that you are not forced to live in an area that potentially doesn’t suit your needs.

As you can see, there are many excellent places to live in New Jersey when commuting to NYC. However, it is always best to visit those areas and get a feel of them yourself. Only then will you feel confident enough to choose the place that will suit you completely.